Heroes Quest FAQ

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Every time you treat in the Tavern, you have a very good chance to recruit a hero.

Treat is free every 48 hours. Alternatively, you can treat at any time at the cost of goblets or diamonds.

Hero ranks can greatly improve a hero’s stats. Hero skills are unlocked by promoting hero rank. Rank Glyphs are the material for rank promotion.

Hero levels also improves a hero’s stats. Heroes can gain experience by fighting in a battle or using exp potions.

You can form a lineup of any hero combination you like. Different hero combination helps you reach different tactical goal, which is a key to victory. For example a lineup with good interrupting skills or damage reflecting skills can be very strong against enemies with powerful skills. More combinations mean more ways of playing! A smart lineup allow you to prevail in the Arena!

Items and runes also have their characteristics.

There are currently over 40 distinct heroes in game. New heroes will be introduced to the game in the future.

Equipment and Items

Number of Stars indicates the basic quality of the item. Items of more stars are unlocked by higher team level.

Color indicates the rareness of a piece of equipment. Green, blue, purple and gold equipment will have 1, 2, 3 and 4 special affixes respectively.

Equipment can be enhanced. The maximum enhancement level is capped by the team level.

Each hero can equip 4 pieces of equipment – a weapon to enhance attack, an armor to enhance defense and two trinkets to increase health. Upon basic benefits, pieces also have their own effect.


Honor Runes are special runes for the whole team.

Honor Runes can be crafted by the Rune Master.

Each hero can equip 6 runes – 2 red, 2 blue and 2 yellow. Red runes boost attack; blue runes boost defense; yellow runes give other effect.

Runes can be crafted by the Rune Master.

Game Systems

Daily quests are a very good way to get free diamonds, stamina and other important resources. You can complete daily quests repetitively.

Achievements track your exploration and the progress of long term goals. A large quantity of diamonds can be collected within the achievements.

In Goblin Shop, some rare items will be for sale from time to time. It is a very helpful way to get items otherwise very hard to get.

There are also items on sales daily.

Arena reward is based on players’ highest rank in the last 24 hours. The reward is sent through in game mail.

Every day, you can have 6 attempts for free. After that, you can spend diamonds to gain extra attempts.

The Maze of Shadows is a giant maze where player will have to evade all kinds of traps and find as many treasures as possible in a limited time.

The total health is the sum of the stars of the heroes in the team.

The maps in dungeons are usually bigger, with more traps and more difficult. Dungeons have better reward at the same time.

Purchase and Billing

The first time you purchase one pack, the reward is doubled. First time purchase reward applies to each pack independently and separately.

Super value packs are limited packs every month. It gives equivalent amount of diamonds, plus rare items or equipment.

First time purchase reward applies to super value packs too.

When active, monthly card will send you 30 diamond daily through in-game mail. The mail remains 48 hours before it disappear. Remember to collect your diamonds!


By binding your account, you create types of login methods of your choice, which essentially enables you to play on multiple devices.

The first time you start playing Heroes Quest, one guest account is created. As long as you play on the same device, you will always be logged in to your account. After you bind your account with one of the login methods, the connection between your device and your account will be revoked.

To log in with your account on other devices, you need to go into the game, click your avatar -> options -> accounts -> log off. Then choose the login type with which you have linked your account.

Currently the game support login with Facebook and custom email-password combination.

Yes. The lineups for PVE, PVP and Expedition are independent and a hero can be in multiple lineups at the same time.

When you explore a map, you may encounter traps, chests or temporary supplies. The key to gain the most from it and to avoid the damage is to tap at the very precise moment.

Team level is the level of you the player. It caps the maximum hero and item level. Many in game activities grant team experience, for example Story, Dungeon Smash and Dungeons.

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