New Hero will be available in the Hero Store on July,1st


Melee damage dealer, with range damage and control, summon avatar to fight.

  • Leader skill, Blade Replication: Theodoro summon avatar, with 200% health and 100% attack of this hero, and cast Flower of Sword to the lowest health enemy, for 15 seconds
  • Auto Skill, Flower of Sword: Sword wielding to the enemies in frontline, deals 60% damage and bleeding effects, causing 30% damage per second, for 6 seconds
  • Auto Skill, Frighten Trap: Throw forward a Frighten Trap, causing 144% damage to all enemies, and fear, for 2 seconds
  • Passive skill, Vulnerability Insight: Theodora’s every attack will reduce the target 16% defense, last 8 seconds
    (Above data based on level 1 skills)


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