qoh 2017-06-13 15-56-48-14

qoh 2017-06-13 15-56-48-14

Patch Notes Adjustment-Increase the attack of all Monkey king’s

Balance Adjustment-Increase the attack of all Monkey king’s devisions, increase the damage of Cudgel by Monkey king and his devisionsNew Hero-A new hero will join the Hero Store on June 1st:

Knight Lancelot

Melee tank, absorb damage for teammates, repel enemies


Two heroes, Beastmaster and Messenger of Star joined the tavern waiting for your invitationDragon Boat Festival-Swarm Lord

Dragon Boat Festival-Swarm Lord

Swarm Lord returns:Zakkun is back! During the Dragon Boat Festival, the event of purchase to reward rare hero shard, challenge legendary hero in fight club will be available-Event of Twisting Shard pack: Spend diamonds to open Twisting Shard Chests which contains rank 3-5 Twisting Shards. Open certain number of chests to receive extra top rank Twisting Shards



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