Heroes Quest Spring Festival Events Incoming!

Dear Players,

The Spring Festival and also the winter holiday is going to arrive in Heroes Quest. And the Spring Festival Events will be online soon. Join on the festivities with new stories. Come get your presents in events! Let’s take a look at it!

Spring Festival Events
Jan 27 to Jan 31
-Spring Festival Events
During the event, Log-in will reward you skill pages, gems and other precious gifts.

Jan 27 to Jan 31
-Fight Club: Greedy Chest will be available during the time
During the event, the entrance of the Greedy Chest will show up in the Fight Club every day, grab the chance to get some rare materials!

Jan 27 to Jan 31
-The Legendary Hero: Phoenix
The new legendary hero: Eternal Fire – Phoenix will join the heroes team, at that time, purchase will reward you rare hero shards! The event of Challenging legendary hero in the Fight Club will be available at the same time
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Jan 27 to Jan 28
-Special Material Pack lv4-lv6
No longer need to fight Dungeon Bosses, there being enough Lv4 to Lv5 special materials pack can be purchased.

Jan 29 to Jan 30
-Twisting shards pack event
Players can do lucky draws to get the rank3 to rank5 twisting shards by simply consuming gems. Drawings also accumulate to rank5 twisting shards!

New Heroes
-Two new heroes will be available in the Hero Store:
-Hippolyta: the queen of amazon
Mid ranged damage dealer. Control enemy, multiple damage
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-Anubis: Soul keeper
Long ranged support. Summon soul to fight for you. Absorb damage for team.
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Added stories
-Chapter11 North Camp
-Chapter12 Megalith Relic
New Dungeon added
Dungeon7-Bloodmelt Core

-The upper limit of team is increased to 70, as well as the hero and equipment
-Heroes now can be promoted to a higher level
-You can forge lv6 equipment now

Lady Spidey is now invitable in the tavern

Heroes Quest Team


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