Heroes Quest Christmas Events Incoming!

Hello Adventurers!
Residents of the world of Arun are celebrating the annual Christmas event. Although the battle against the Evil continues, it doesn’t stop the tradition. During the event, you can collect Christmas Coins as we did in the Halloween event, and there are two kinds of coins now! The Christmas Coins are the unique currency for the event, and can be used to exchange a variety of items. And we also put in some new features as well as some gameplay improvements. Please see below the detailed patch notes:

Rules of arena have been modified to bring more interactive and fair gameplay.
1. Arena Points are introduced. Match making is now based on Arena Points.
2. Substitutes can be set for heroes.
3. Arena reward is now distributed weekly.
Please refer to in-game description for more information.

Twisting Invasion
– The 3rd demon, Infernal Lord has emerged from the gate. Defeat him to collect the new set of Twisting Shards!
– Ki’Ki and Creacher Manajar are now invitable in Tavern.

Balance Adjustments
– The damage of Nesha’s energy skill is increased by 10%.
– The vertical range of Alvitr’s energy skill is reduced by 10%.
– The first three out of four hits no longer ignore armor.

Christmas Events

6:00 pm, Dec 23 to 6:00 pm, Dec 27
– Collect Christmas Coins
-During the event, every stamina consumed will reward you a Christmas Silver Coin; every dungeon boss defeated will reward you a Christmas Gold Coin.
– Christmas Gift Exchange
Exchange a variety of Christmas Gifts with Christmas Coins, including Skill Pages, Resonant Crystals, Hero Shards; recruit Christmas exclusive hero!

Dec 23 to Dec 29
– Purchase Reward
During the event, purchase points reach certain level to collect shards of Swarm Lord and Dragon Insignia
– Swarm Lord Shards on Sale
You can directly purchase shards of Swarm Lord.

Dec 27
– Dragon Insignia Pack

Dec 28
– Twisting Shard Chests
Spend diamonds to open Twisting Shard Chests which contains rank 3-5 Twisting Shards. Open certain number of chests to receive extra top rank Twisting Shards.

Dec 29
– Equipment Material Chests
Spend diamonds to open Equipment Material Chests which contains rank 3-5 special materials for equipment crafting.

-Remaining Pumpkin coins can now be sold for gold.

Heroes Quest Team


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