Dear Players,

We are happy to announce the most recent update of Heroes Quest In this update, we have put in some new features as well as some gameplay improvements. The Halloween events will be online soon also. Please see below the detailed patch notes:


• Hero Reset
No longer want to use a hero, or just recruited a stronger replacement? Reset the hero then. Rank Glyphs, Skill Pages and Insignias can be returned!
Hero Reset unlocks after stage 3-3.

New Hero
• Rose
Lady Spidey
Ranged support. Can summon spiders. Crowd control.

• Tavern no longer rewards equipment of 2-star or 3-star. Instead, Hero Shards will be given.

Balance Adjustments
• Energy Skills that attack all enemies have their cooldown increased. Energe Skills that attack middle range of area and small range of area now do slightly more damage.
• Damage absorption effects no longer absorb exceeding damage.
• Divine Shield Rune now has a chance to trigger. Once triggered, it no longer prevents the target from attacking.
• Nesha, the Frost Master becomes stronger. Her Energy Skill now does small area of damage, and her Leader Skill’s casting time is shorter.
• Sakura’s Energy Skill now needs slightly more time to cast.

Bug Fixes
• Fixed a bug where cooldown could not be displayed in Twisting Invasion.
• Leader Skills of Blade Master and Vampire Overlord will now trigger on-hit effects.
• Crzay Miner now does correct amount of damage to himself.
• Magic Guardian’s Magic Shield now properly reduces damage.
• Twisting Invasion no longer drops bugged shards. Existing bugged shards can be sold for a good amount of gold.

• Halloween Events are coming! Lucky chests for everyone! Choose your Halloween exclusive hero!
• Events of Vampire Overlord once again. He doesn’t want to miss Halloween.

Heroes Quest Team


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