Heroes Quest Halloween Events Incoming

Hello Adventurers!

Residents of the world of Arun are celebrating the annual Halloween event. Although the battle against the Evil continues, it doesn’t stop the tradition.
During the event, you can collect Pumpkin Coins by simply using your stamina. The Pumpkin Coins are the unique currency for the event, and can be used to open lucky chests. Oh, and you get the chance to meet 2 exclusive heroes that usually don’t come out at other times!


Pumpkin Scarecrow
Jack died a young soldier defending his homeland. But death won’t stop him from his duty. With the head of pumpkin, on a body of straws, the wandering soul found his new physical form. Now Jack, the Pumpkin Scarecrow, once again stands defending his beloved homeland.
Mid-ranged support. Suppress healing. Summon Pumpkin Fiends. Off-heal.


Alice has always been the most prominent wizzard in the mage guild. She is known for her wits and mastery in magic. One day her hero lover went missing tracing a powerful demon lord, so she set out to find her love.
Ranged damage dealer. Dispel and amplify damage. Area damage.


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