Heroes Quest Official Patch Notes 1.6.0

Dear Players,

We are happy to announce the most recent update of Heroes Quest 1.6.0. In this update, we have put in some new features as well as some gameplay improvements. Please see below the detailed patch notes:

• Twisting Invasion – Demons from the Twisting Realm are invading our world. Defeat them and collect the Twisting Shards.
• Enchanting – The Twisting Shards carried by the demons appear to be magic-imbued. Our blacksmith claims that he can use these shards to enchant equipment!
• Hero Ties – There are special ties between certain heroes. Having heroes that are tied to each other grants them boost on the stats.
• Hero Shop – Collect hero shards in Fight Club, and recruit your desired heroes in the Hero Shop

New Heroes
Two new heroes have joined the adventure.
• Creacher Manajar, the Chemist – Long ranged support and damage dealer. Apply harmful effects on enemies. Deal extra damage to weakened targets.
• Ki’Ki, the Pixie – Long ranged support. Dispel and team heal.

• Players can now plunder or revenge again if the previous attempt fails.
• Red dots now indicates remaining dungeon attempts.

Balance Adjustments
• All max-health-based healing effects are no longer affected by the PVP health multiplier.
• Feast Skill of Vampire Overlord has been redesigned. It now heals team based on the hero’s attack each time he does damage.
• Hell Fire of Banished Demon is now more useful.
• Leader skill of Blade of Glory is now more aggressive.
• Leader skill of Mechanic Master now lasts longer and does more damage.
• Emblem of Annoyance now has extra special effect.
• Leader skill of Barbarian Warrior now boosts 50% damage and 25% defense.

Bug Fix
• Fixed a bug where Dark Knights’s Soul Enslave did incorrect damage.

Heroes Quest Team


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