Heroes Quest Official Patch Notes 1.5.0

Glorious Adventurers,


It has been a month since last time we presented you some of the preview of the upcoming version 1.5. We are now happy to announce its release later this week. (Though it may still take a few days waiting for the approval from iTunes App Store and Google Play, duh.)

As you may already know, this new version comes with two exciting features – the Guild Boss Challenge and the AI settings for auto battle. Other changes are also made in the game. We hope with this update, you can enjoy the game more. Below are the detailed patch notes:


Guild Boss Challenge

Players can now challenge bosses in Guild -> Demonic Prison. Below are the rules for Guild Boss Challenge:

  1. Each guild member can challenge the guild boss twice a day. For a single challenge, up to 2 teams can be dispatched at the same time.
  2. Guild Boss Challenge resets at 02:00 am, 1st day of each month, Pacific Time. Defeating bosses unlocks challenge reward.
  3. Total damage dealt of a player in one round is calculated towards the Damage Done Reward.
  4. When a new boss is unlocked, it recovers at the 2nd 2:00 am, Pacific Time.
  5. When a boss recovers or is killed, boss chests will be rewarded to guild members who attacked the boss through mail.
  6. For every additional day the current boss lives, all guild members receive 3% attack and defense bonus.
  7. Defeating a boss for the first time gives first-time-down reward. Each player can receive this reward only once.

Managed AI Settings

Players can now customize the order and condition of casting energy skills while using auto battle and defending. Up to 6 slots of skills can be set up for a team. Your heroes will cast the skill only when your team has enough energy points. Skills will loop through the queue. An empty queue enables the default AI.

More Compact Mazes of Shadows

Some overly wide Mazes of Shadows are now more compact.


Balance Adjustments


  • Sariel, Holy Light, has her power strengthened. She is now immune to silence with her last skill unlocked.
  • Ambrose, Vampire Overlord, has his power strengthened. He is now immune to fear with his last skill unlocked.
  • Nesha, Frost Master, has her power strengthened. Frozen effect can now be triggered by all her attacks with her last skill.



First Time Purchase Reward

First time purchase reward no longer has time limits.

To update on the server side, a short maintenance will be performed. Please stay tuned for more information.

Thank you very much!

Heroes Quest Team



Good games for life.

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